The Jinnahs was an exhibition held at TDF Ghar that showcased the personal life of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In addition to the influence of the three most important women in his life – Fatima Ali Jinnah, Ruttie Jinnah, and Dina Wadia. Jinnah’s taste and sense of style made him one of the most well-dressed and sophisticated of men. He was the fifth best-dressed leader of all time. Jinnah was a loving human being in his personal life.

Before he left to complete his education in London, he got married to his cousin, Emibai, who died soon after their marriage. After many years, he wedded Rattanbai Petit, the daughter of a very close friend, Sir Dinshaw Petit. Rattanbai gave birth to their only daughter, who was then named Dina Jinnah (but after her marriage to Parsi businessman, Neville Wadia, was popularly known as Dina Wadia.)