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The Dawood Foundation (TDF) was the “materialization of a decade-old dream” of the founder, Ahmed Dawood which became a reality in 1960. TDF was conceived as an educational foundation whose main focus was to support and promote educational initiatives in the fields of Science, Technology, and Research.

The Foundation believes in empowering individuals through education to create a collective change. From establishing educational institutions, TDF has morphed into formulating learning spaces that serve everyone. Moving from formal education to informal education has been exciting, giving our projects more flexibility, dynamism, and interactivity to try new ways of engaging with people. We aim to inspire everyone to explore and understand the world around them and to discover and enjoy science.



Education Inspiring Social Change.



Empower individuals for collective social uplift and prosperity, in harmony with the planet through value-based and scientific learning.



Character and Good Manners, Diversity, Build Capabilities, Inclusion and Curiosity.



TDF Magnifiscience – Science For All

The development and sustainability of any country depend solely on its scientific knowledge and the ability to materialize it. MagnifiScience is an umbrella under which The Dawood Foundation promotes science literacy and critical thinking among the populace through experiential learning. It is an inclusive platform that creates learning spaces by inviting people from all demographics …

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Tdf Ghar 22-06-2017-8

TDF Ghar – Relive The True Spirit Of Old Karachi

Retaining the history and heritage of Karachi, The Dawood Foundation restored and renovated a 1930’s house (Ghar in Urdu). TDF Ghar is open to public with an aim to promote informal learning spaces in Karachi. It is a platform where people from all ethnicities can come together to share their culture…

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Nature Series

TDF Nature Series – Explore The Diversity of Nature

The wide variety of ecosystems, habitats and the diverse flora and fauna forms the natural heritage of Pakistan. TDF Nature Series documents this diversity and showcases them on various platforms, with an aim to create awareness regarding the conservation of the natural treasure of Pakistan. These high-quality video documentaries are free for public …

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Formal Eduction

Formal Education – Establishing Institutes

Literacy rate in Pakistan is alarmingly low. The ASER report of 2017 shows that Pakistan’s overall education score is 67.96. The country requires a minimum of three schools every hour to accommodate an incremental 3 million students each year. With its commitment to provide quality education …

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Rental Spaces – Supporting Foundation’s Initiatives

The Dawood Foundation’s main source of revenue is through rental income from its available spaces at Dawood Centre, Business Hub and Dawood Public School. The funds generated through rentals are used to sustain the Foundation’s initiatives…

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Disaster Relief

Health and Disaster Relief – Supporting Relief Initiatives

In the last few years, Pakistan has witnessed several natural calamities such as cyclones, storms, droughts, earthquakes, and floods. Millions of people have suffered immeasurable loss of life, livelihood and livestock. The Dawood Foundation is actively …

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TDF’s Children’s Daycare – Inspiring Little Explorers Indoors

TDF’s Children’s Daycare is an indoor haven where children can explore and connect with nature throughout their day. By incorporating nature discovery zones, sensory experiences, physical activity area and reading nooks we strive to provide parents with loving and secure care for their children. Located within the Dawood Centre, our facility is conveniently accessible to all…

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The Dawood Foundation promotes informal learning through its projects. TDF’s MagnifiScience Centre, aims to popularise science and make it accessible for the general public. TDF’s Nature Series raises awareness about our environment and sustainable practices. TDF Ghar connects visitors with the rich and vibrant history of Karachi, providing a platform where people from all ethnicities can come together to share their culture. TDF’s Children’s Daycare offers a safe and nurturing childcare environment for working parents who requires additional support with their children.
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Legal Status and Certification

The Dawood Foundation is a registered charitable organisation incorporated under Societies Registration Act, 1860. It is also certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) and maintains status of Not-for-Profit Organisation (NPO) under sub-clause (c) of clause (36) of section 2 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.


10th Floor, Dawood Centre, MT. Khan Road, Karachi




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