The development and sustainability of any country depends solely on its scientific knowledge and the ability to materialize it. MagnifiScience is an umbrella under which The Dawood Foundation promotes science literacy and critical thinking in youth through experiential learnings. It is an inclusive platform which creates learning spaces by inviting people together from all backgrounds, irrespective of age, gender or class. MagnifiScience includes science exhibitions across the country and children’s studio. The Dawood Foundation is now establishing Pakistan’s first modern and interactive science centre, TDF MagnifiScience Centre. Visit MagnifiScience Centre

TDF MagnifiScience is a platform that brings numerous public and private organizations that understand the importance of investing in research and educational projects and bridge the gap between practical sciences and academia. The exposure of various fields of science given by leading industries and science clubs enables visitors to critically analyze the importance of science in their daily lives.

TDF MagnifiScience Exhibition is a step towards creating awareness and inducing the quest for a science museum and exhibition across the country.