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The Dawood Foundation realizes the importance of taking an initiative with help of public/private relationship, which will promote the culture of science museum and exhibitions in the country.

Keeping the objective to encourage science in our society, TDF launched a new initiative – TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition; a three-day Science exhibition in Karachi with different interactive experiments, exhibits, workshops, lectures and documentaries.

Visitors got to perform experiments and had a firsthand experience of scientific theories in real life. The Exhibition gave them a chance to enjoy exhibits developed by professionals that deal with scientific discoveries and concepts. Pakistan’s leading corporate organizations, educational institutes and science clubs actively participated and displayed their technological advancements with children to not only amuse students but to inspire them to adopt new technologies.

Exhibition had a wide range of documentaries on various subjects. Leading scientists and innovators of Pakistan had interactive discussions and workshops with visitors.

Basic Sciences – explained the basics of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, math, History of Science and Astronomy through interactive and fun filled experiments designed by the students of DPS and various science clubs from Pakistan and abroad. From understanding the phenomena of air pressure to creating wireless electricity by Tesla’s model, this theme showed how science is and can be used to make our daily lives better. The everyday science phenomenon inspired youth to observe science around their surroundings. Moreover, A Hall of Inventors situated in this section revealed the hidden stories behind inventions.

Science of Technology – understanding the value of technological literacy to progress in modern era this section was especially designed for public and private organizations to share some of their ideas and projects that represented recent technological advancement to young minds.  Youth explored the new technologies and equipments in practice these days. The description of these technologies helped people to understand their principles of working. Science of textile, fog screen, augmented reality, virtual mannequin, robots, digital games, amongst many other projects attracted audiences.

Nature Sciences – In this theme, Environmentalist and scientists talked on issues and remedial process that can help create world for tomorrow in order to create awareness amongst people regarding climate change and environment.  Dioramas were the specialty of this section. A room dedicated to the planetarium showed the galaxy with an astronaut model where children enjoyed walking in the space and learned the basic information about planets, and astronauts.  A room dedicated for animal models described the natural habitat of endangered species in Pakistan where children could not only got information about endangered species also got to touch their models and see how they look in real life.

Importance Of TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition

Science does not necessarily mean that students are being lured into becoming doctors and engineers only but share the wonder of science, environment and inquisitiveness in our daily lives. Children and teachers need to engage in scientific literacy and critical thinking skills simultaneously, that arouse natural curiosity and make them producers of knowledge, problem solvers, creating learning solutions themselves.

TDF Magnifi-Science exhibition helped bring a positive change to some extent in society by providing an outlet for people to think and wonder about innovation and adopt them in order to improve the quality of life. The study conducted after exhibition shows that 94% of the visitors learned the importance of Everyday Science in life.

Such kind of informal education encourages people to be abreast with developments that will eventually affect their careers in futures. The scope of jobs will be changed in society and people would be able to explore more option for choosing their career.

Building an economy on knowledge and the production of goods and services based on science and technology is the demand of new era.  To give exposure to such technologies these exhibitions will pave the way to development.

The debate on the establishment of science museum is going on as an outcome of continuous discussions on the importance of science and the need to conduct these kinds of exhibitions. This may lead to the foundation of a Science Museum in Pakistan.

The Story Behind TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition

Science literacy has become a necessity in the present era where technology plays a significant role in the development of society. Its role becomes more crucial when we talk about Pakistan where illiteracy is considered to be the root cause of many problems.

The results of the Standardised Achievement Test conducted by the Sindh Education and Literacy Department show that the average score of Class 5 students in the subject of science is only 15% while the Class 8 average is 18%.  The average scores for these students in Maths are also just as disheartening, with 17% for Class 5 and 18% in Class 8.


Studies reveal that even though the school syllabus demands it, there are very few students studying in schools who are interested to take science as their main subjects and fewer still who want to become scientists. This indifference and detachment towards science education among Pakistan’s students is due to the fact that the current educational system generally does not encourage children to ask questions.

According to a research by Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science & Technology Education, over 60% of students developed their interest in daily Science after their visit to an exhibition or a museum.

TDF Magnifi-Science created a platform that successfully brought numerous public and private organizations that understood the importance of investing in research and educational projects that bridge the gap between practical sciences and academia. The exposure of various fields of science given by leading industries and science clubs enabled visitors to critically analyze the importance of science in their daily lives.

TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition is a step towards creating awareness and inducing the quest for a science museum and exhibition across the country.

The Exhibition aimed to augment and encourage the quest for Science in everyone, especially children/students by creating learning spaces that bring together people from all backgrounds, irrespective of age, gender or class. For this purpose special attention was given to involve government and private educational institutions alike. TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition aspired young and adults to delve into scientific world. It provided a platform to the children and teachers to implement the same learning in their schools, colleges and universities.

The Exhibition was sponsored by Engro Corp, D.H. Corp and supported by HUBCO.


Department of Education & Literacy immensely supported TDF Magnifi-Science Exhibition in mobilizing public schools across Sindh and giving public school students a chance to be part of this initiative. Students from Badeen, Dady, Thatha and Tharparkar also participated and learned the wonders of science from the exhibition.

Many politicians & celebrities including Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah, Secretary Education Fazullah Pechuho, Sharmila Farooqi, Shazia Mari and Ayesha Tammy visited the exhibition and encouraged the effort of TDF to promote education amongst the public of Karachi.

Magnifi-Science was open to the public and served as a place for people to learn and for others to project/display their scientific knowledge and expertise.