Through MagnifiScience Travelling Exhibitions initiative, The Dawood Foundation takes exhibits to various educational events across the country. Exhibit themes are customized according to the audience and interest of the event organizers.

TDF MagnifiScience Travelling Exhibitions are collaboration of The Dawood Foundation with organizations that are interested in hosting/organizing science exhibitions and activities in their respective space. The Dawood Foundation specially designs and curates events based on the themes identified. We take exhibits to various educational events across the country. TDF MagnifiScience Travels includes interactive exhibits, designed by professionals and experts. The themes are further customized according to the needs of organizers.

The projects under TDF MagnifiScience Travelling Exhibits include;

  • TDF Thar Oct 2018: Collaborated effort with Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company – Thar Foundation, Engro Corporation

  • Women of the World (WOW) Karachi – Collaboration with Alliance Française De Karachi

  • Lahore Science Mela Jan 2018 – Collaboration with Khawarzmi Science Club (LUMS)