Built in 1959 at a cost of Rs. 50,000 in Darsano Village, Ahmed Dawood School was one of the earlier initiatives of the Dawood Trust, which later morphed into the Dawood Foundation. The School was handed over to the Government and is still operating today.

The Ahmed Dawood School in Darsano is now a part of Malir in Karachi and is very popular in the local community. People in the area still remember Ahmed Dawood with honour and respect for his contribution to their locality.

At present, the school has a total of 424 students in the primary and secondary sections and 44 teachers on its payroll. Its prominent alumni include Mr. Noor Mohammad Baloch, a session judge, and Mr. Abdul Halim Baloch, Minister Communications, Member of National Assembly.


The school also has a football field, named after the founder and an Ahmed Dawood Football Club hosts tournaments every couple of months.